The Gray Vale Portal

Bandit Camp

Mirtul 9, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Upon ridding the good town of Loudwater of its apparent criminal plague, the intrepid adventurers set about discovering everything they could about their new headquarters in the area. They discovered the hidden caverns underneath that led west until opening up about a half-mile outside the city walls. In the midst of their discoveries, however, they were approached by Diker Thane – communicating through a magical portal. The group managed to discover more about this mysterious person and his plans before they convinced him that the “Lady of Shadows” would be back in several hours.
They also found Zark and he offered to lead them to the Bandit Camp. Varrin and Haydenne had misgivings about Zark’s intentions and decided to approach the camp without his “help”.
The PCs discovered the Bandit Camp in the ruins of Zelboss, and after a furious battle, slew all of the Bandits – including a mysterious lizard creature leading the slavers. Several children were discovered jailed at the camp, and their tale confirmed that the “lady of the Shadows” and Zark were both involved.
After returning to Loudwater, the adventurers were praised for their deliverance of the children. Captain Harrowleaf even admitted that they had helped the town considerably and promised that Zark would be banned from Loudwater for the rest of his life.
Varrin was dispatched to the sacred grove to the north to seek help from the local druid for Lady Moonfire and her sister, but stumbled onto a large group of Black armored swordmages at a ruin site. They apparently took something from another figure who was in the ruins and chased this “adventurer / thief” off afterwards. Varrin finished his journey and found the druid lying unconscious on the ground in his sacred grove, with various herbs nearby. Waiting for the group, they bundled him off to Loudwater, where after several days he recovered and cured Lady Moonfire and her sister.
The various members of the group discussed the various options open to them – travel to Draigdurroch near the Scared Grove or head to the Sceptre Tower further east – in hopes of talking with a mysterious Lady Saharel.



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