The Gray Vale Portal

Barrow of the Ogre King

Varrin, Haydenne, Nightmare, Jewel, Kwi and Korban foiled the attempt of the theft of the Horn Totem at the hands of the goblins led by High Shaman Sancossug. Kwi set up a trap to help the citizens of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] defend their town wall.
However, Captain Harrowleaf, and Lady Moonfire are unconvinced that the PC are not accomplices of the criminal underworld. To prove their innocence, the leaders of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] require the characters to go to the Barrow of the Ogre King and defeat the goblins responsible for the attack on the town.
Our fearless heroes travel to the Barrow, but fall victim to the first of the goblin’s defenses. The cave-in at the entrance severely damages several of the party members – especially the dwarf, Nightmare. Jewel and Haydenne also suffer initially, but the PCs rout the remaining goblins in the first room and force their way further in.
Zombies and more goblins tried to keep the characters out of the Barrow. After a particularly nasty fight near the main stairway leading into the Barrow depths, the group decides that it was best if they retreated to [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] for the night. Kwi sets up a make-shift trap to ensure no others sneak back into the Barrow after they leave.



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