The Gray Vale Portal

Below the Eastern Tower

Mirtul 18, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Our group returned to the eastern Rampart Tower to continue the investigation into a possible entrance into the famed Sceptre Tower and a remote chance that they might meet up with Lady Saharel‘s ghost. They descended into the rooms they had just cleared out the day before and discovered that most of the evidence of their previous day’s battle was gone!
Cautiously, they moved to the next room and discovered it to be the Wererat’s main gathering spot. Over twenty of the “fearsome warriors”, directed by their leader, attacked our party and nearly decimated it. However, the group worked together to make the creatures attack them through a doorway, thereby increasing their ability to determine the outcome of several of the battles – away from the main group and the magic of their leader. Eventually, the large group was whittled down to size and our group emerged victorious. The next room proved to be similarly occupied, but by armored golems and the Goblin Shaman that escaped yesterday. The group used their magical powers to great effect and eliminated this latest barrier to the Sceptre Tower. A lone unexplored hallway led off into the distance – maybe the group was close to their goal at last …



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