The Gray Vale Portal

Inside the Sceptre Tower

Mirtul 19, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Exploring carefully, our group traveled down the featureless hallway to arrive at the bottom of the Sceptre Tower. Leading up was a simple set of stairs…

Trying to remain silent, the entire group filed up the steps, which at last opened up to a large room cut into two parts by an eerily-glowing Portal. Strange runes were carved into the face of the Portal were clearly of Netheril origin, however the meaning was far beyond the combined knowledge of the group. The other half of the room was visible through the glow.

Unafraid, Avarlin marched directly through the opening – and discovered that his clothing, armor and weapons all disappeared! Immediately two mages charged from the adjoining rooms and attacked the dragonborn. The rest of the party was reluctant to pass through the Portal and as Avarlin was repeatedly damaged by the mages, the future looked bleak indeed.
Avarlin finally remembered his teleportation ring and switched places with the dwarf – who also appeared on the other side of the Portal sans clothing, armor and weapons – as Avarlin was quickly healed. He did not recover any of his possessions, though. Finally the troublesome mages were defeated and the secret of the Portal was revealed. The Portal made all of a character’s possessions look like they were gone, but in reality it was all in the adventurer’s minds.

Re-united with his things, Avarlin and the party looted the mages quarters and proceeded up the flight of stairs at the back of the room.

When they got to the top of the next landing, they were met with a strange sight – 12 or so Kobolds were being supervised by another mage in the preparation of the evening meal. As they tried to backstab the mage, he noticed them and let out a yell. He then bolted through the nearby door, through a hallway and into another room. Fearing that the mage would soon alert the entire Tower, the group tried to follow him, only to be blocked by the dozen mind-controlled Kobolds, who formed a barricade of bodies to slow them down. Fearful, because of Kwi’s heritage and the fact that these creatures were being controlled by someone else and not actively trying to kill anybody, the adventurers had to push and shove their way through the Kobolds.

The dragonborn was the first to reach the other room and was quickly surrounded by the room’s guardians – a group of spider-like humanoids called ettercaps and 3 or 4 additional shadowy creatures. Outnumbered, and with help blocked in the other room, Avarlin took tremendous damage and succumbed to the enemies’ onslaught. The others finally made it to his side, but it was too late. They quickly grabbed his teleportation ring and with his dead body in tow, they headed back to the Monastery to re-group. This encounter had clearly proved too much for all of them. All of a sudden, their adventuring had taken a turn for the worse. Maybe they could find a way to resurrect their fallen comrade…



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