The Gray Vale Portal

"Lady of the Shadows"

Mirtul 7-8, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One
After returning to the town of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] to rest and recuperate after the initial encounters the PCs descended into the depths of the Barrow of the Ogre King. They confronted the High Shaman Sancossug, who was trying to raise the Ogre King. Noting the degree of difficulty in defeating the Shaman, Korban and Haydenne negotiated with the High Shaman, who, upon the return of the Horn Totem, was eager to return to the re-animation of the oni corpse and leave the city alone in return.
Upon their return to the city, the PCs were hailed as heroes by both the average citizen and Lady Moonfire alike. Even Curuvar had something good to say about them. However, Captain Harrowleaf remained unimpressed with their bravery.
The PCs were invited to a masked Ball given by Lady Moonfire. The characters were able to purchase and outfit themselves with costumes and masks. The night of the Ball, Varin and Kwi were able to impress the townsfolk enough with their dancing and acrobatics to learn more about the surrounding area and the adventures facing them.
While restocking themselves at the local General Store, our heroes discovered that the goblins weren’t the only ones causing grief in the town. A local crime syndicate, headed by a mysterious “Lady of the Shadows” was demanding protection money from every business in the community – including the local store owner, Calla Marran.
Following a member of the crime syndicate through the town, the PCs were able to discover the hideout of the “Lady of Shadows” and put an end to this plague on the good folk of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]]. Again, everyone (including Captain Harrowleaf this time) extolled the bravery of our intrepid group. The hideout was given to the band of PCs as their own in appreciation for everything that the group had done for the town.
Lady Moonfire and her sister were attacked that same day and a mysterious figure was seen leaving the town – flying away to a distant “earthmote” on some sort of winged beast. It was soon discovered that the two elves were poisoned and need treatment from a local druid who lived in the Dire Woods to the north. The party prepared to confront the Bandits outside [[Loudwater | Loudwater]], travel to the druid grove north of the city, and confront the mysterious Diker Thane – who they discovered was the mysterious figure seen flying away.



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