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Mirtul 5-6, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One
Entering the city of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]], the newly-formed group of adventurers settled down at the [[Green Tankard Tavern | Green Tankard Inn]] for the night.
Varrin (the Quickling rogue), Jewel (the human sorceress), Nightmare (the dwarf fighter), Kwi (the kobold thief), Korban (the human wizard) and Haydenne (the half moon-elf cleric) all sampled the local brew and talked with several interesting local townspeople.
They talked with the local wizard, Curuvar – who told them of a Barrow nearby populated by goblins up to no good. They also spoke with the leader of this small town, Lady Moonfire, who asked for their help with the local environs – specifically dealing with the goblins and local criminals who were bothering the town. Zark, a young dwarf whose father runs the local Curio Shop, offered the PCs a paying job. He asked them to provide armed escort for a shipment to his father’s shop.
The group agreed and met Zark the next morning outside the west gate of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]]. They escorted the shipment to the shop, where they waited for Zark as he enters the store.
The wall they waited near exploded suddenly as a group of goblins invaded the city. Several townspeople are killed as the goblins raced for the Curio Shop and grab a “Horn Token”, a mysterious dagger-like artifact, currently displayed in the window of the shop. Varrin used his ability to move quickly and his ventriloquism to rob the would-be thieves and disappeared before their very eyes. The others in the group quickly mowed through the band of goblins and discovered that these creatures were in fact sent by their High Shaman, Sancossug, to fetch the Horn Totem for a ritual they believed would raise their Ogre King – whoever that was.
In the fight, however, Tibor leaves were discovered in the shipment the group was meant to protect and immediately they are arrested under suspicion of illegal activity. Questioned by Lady Moonfire and Captain Harrowleaf, the leader of the local militia, Zark disavows any knowledge of the illegal activities the PCs are accused of and is released. The characters, however, are encouraged by their captors to prove their innocence in a trial by fire – the investigation of the Barrow of the Ogre King.



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