The Gray Vale Portal


Mirtul 10-16, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Our intrepid group of adventurers decided that they would forgo the quick and easy trip to Draigdurroch and the imminent arrival of Diker Thane, for the time being, and make the long journey to the Sceptre Tower in Spellgard. Bidding a fond farewell to the city of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]], the group traveled to the city of Llorkh and met up with – and was hired by – a dwarven supply train bound for [[Spellgard | Spellgard]]. Along the journey they discovered many rumors regarding the fabled ruins – including the rumor that the Lady Saharel‘s ghost would one question from each adventurer – if and when she was found. Each PC was excited to learn of that possibility!
Camped at night during the trek, the caravan was attacked by goblin raiders with Kwi the only one on guard at that time of night. Suddenly, hordes of goblins advanced on the sleeping camp. Kwi sounded the alarm and held off the initial attack on the wagons, while the rest of the group struggled to awaken. The dwarves proved to have no abilities in fighting off the attack, so the PCs had to defend the entire camp by themselves. The goblins managed to only set fire to one wagon, which Jewel promptly managed to put out with a frost ray. After defeating the goblins, Varrin found a note implicating that the goblins were hired by Diker Thane to destroy the supply train to Spellgard – but that he didn’t trust the goblins to accomplish it. Having saved the entire wagon train, Thurr Gargengrim, the leader of the dwarves thanked the group and bought a large portion of the goblins armor and weapons – to belatedly learn to defend his train. The rest of the trip was uneventful.
The group arrived at the ruins of [[Spellgard | Spellgard]] and stayed at the Monastery of the Precipice overnight. By the fireplace that night, they learned of the other groups at the ruins – some to repair the walls and thereby get the Lady Saharel‘s attention. Others thought to investigate the ruins and carry off loot.
Kwi found and spoke to the local group of kobolds in their lair in the ruins and discovered that the Halflings nearby had made headway into the entrance to the Sceptre Tower through their repairs at the Ramparts. These Halflings were regarded with the utmost suspicion by the kobolds, calling them “fearsome warriors” and our group of adventurers were immediately suspicious. The group made their way to the Ramparts and were rebuffed at their attempts to discuss passage through the Halfling’s “territory”. So they decided to enter and try to talk, but were immediately attacked by the Halfling guards – who transformed into giant Wererats. One of the Wererats pulled a long rope during the attack, which probably alerted the other Halflings to the situation.
In the midst of all their discoveries – the small group lost and gained members of their band. Varrin, having seen a mysterious glowing portal from the top of the western tower, set off ahead of everyone to investigate it …
The portal activated itself when he drew near it and another character, Avarlin Tesh’ahur, a male Dragonborn, appeared in his place. Avarlin quickly integrated himself with the group – especially Kwi – who decided that he had a new hero to follow.
The PCs decided to rest there in the guard station, with Kwi making sure they were not surprised overnight. Tomorrow, they would go further into the Ramparts and possibly into the Sceptre Tower.



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