The Gray Vale Portal

The Ramparts

Mirtul 17, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Everyone decided to return to continue further into the Ramparts the next morning. Sending Kwi through the 300’ tunnel by himself, the group discovered a group of 5 wolves chained in the eastern section of the Rampart.
They marched through the Ramparts to the eastern end and confronted the defenders – human guards, a wererat and two large Drakes. Kwi confronted the largest Drakes, unaffected by the acidic spit of the large creature. As the group battled their way into the room, Gravehounds joined the fray. Fortunately, not even their necrotic bites helped. Eventually the group prevailed.
Exploring the upper floor, the adventurers noticed another Wererat escaping across the Ramparts through a bolt-hole he had constructed.
Moving down the spiral staircase further down into the structure – the group was confronted by the wolves that Kwi had discovered. Luckily, the wolves were chained in a manner that allowed the entire group to descend further and avoid confrontation.
After descending to the bottom of the eastern Rampart Tower, they discovered a living area for some of the Wererats. Passing that area, they entered a dimly-lit storage room that was defended by more Wererats and a single Goblin Shaman. Exhausted and having used most of their spells, the group of adventurers eventually finished off the Wererats. However, the Shaman escaped, probably to cause more problems later on.
The group returned to the Monastery to rest and re-group. Tomorrow, they would be ready for more …



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