The Gray Vale Portal

Inside the Sceptre Tower

Mirtul 19, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Exploring carefully, our group traveled down the featureless hallway to arrive at the bottom of the Sceptre Tower. Leading up was a simple set of stairs…

Trying to remain silent, the entire group filed up the steps, which at last opened up to a large room cut into two parts by an eerily-glowing Portal. Strange runes were carved into the face of the Portal were clearly of Netheril origin, however the meaning was far beyond the combined knowledge of the group. The other half of the room was visible through the glow.

Unafraid, Avarlin marched directly through the opening – and discovered that his clothing, armor and weapons all disappeared! Immediately two mages charged from the adjoining rooms and attacked the dragonborn. The rest of the party was reluctant to pass through the Portal and as Avarlin was repeatedly damaged by the mages, the future looked bleak indeed.
Avarlin finally remembered his teleportation ring and switched places with the dwarf – who also appeared on the other side of the Portal sans clothing, armor and weapons – as Avarlin was quickly healed. He did not recover any of his possessions, though. Finally the troublesome mages were defeated and the secret of the Portal was revealed. The Portal made all of a character’s possessions look like they were gone, but in reality it was all in the adventurer’s minds.

Re-united with his things, Avarlin and the party looted the mages quarters and proceeded up the flight of stairs at the back of the room.

When they got to the top of the next landing, they were met with a strange sight – 12 or so Kobolds were being supervised by another mage in the preparation of the evening meal. As they tried to backstab the mage, he noticed them and let out a yell. He then bolted through the nearby door, through a hallway and into another room. Fearing that the mage would soon alert the entire Tower, the group tried to follow him, only to be blocked by the dozen mind-controlled Kobolds, who formed a barricade of bodies to slow them down. Fearful, because of Kwi’s heritage and the fact that these creatures were being controlled by someone else and not actively trying to kill anybody, the adventurers had to push and shove their way through the Kobolds.

The dragonborn was the first to reach the other room and was quickly surrounded by the room’s guardians – a group of spider-like humanoids called ettercaps and 3 or 4 additional shadowy creatures. Outnumbered, and with help blocked in the other room, Avarlin took tremendous damage and succumbed to the enemies’ onslaught. The others finally made it to his side, but it was too late. They quickly grabbed his teleportation ring and with his dead body in tow, they headed back to the Monastery to re-group. This encounter had clearly proved too much for all of them. All of a sudden, their adventuring had taken a turn for the worse. Maybe they could find a way to resurrect their fallen comrade…

Below the Eastern Tower

Mirtul 18, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Our group returned to the eastern Rampart Tower to continue the investigation into a possible entrance into the famed Sceptre Tower and a remote chance that they might meet up with Lady Saharel‘s ghost. They descended into the rooms they had just cleared out the day before and discovered that most of the evidence of their previous day’s battle was gone!
Cautiously, they moved to the next room and discovered it to be the Wererat’s main gathering spot. Over twenty of the “fearsome warriors”, directed by their leader, attacked our party and nearly decimated it. However, the group worked together to make the creatures attack them through a doorway, thereby increasing their ability to determine the outcome of several of the battles – away from the main group and the magic of their leader. Eventually, the large group was whittled down to size and our group emerged victorious. The next room proved to be similarly occupied, but by armored golems and the Goblin Shaman that escaped yesterday. The group used their magical powers to great effect and eliminated this latest barrier to the Sceptre Tower. A lone unexplored hallway led off into the distance – maybe the group was close to their goal at last …

The Ramparts

Mirtul 17, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Everyone decided to return to continue further into the Ramparts the next morning. Sending Kwi through the 300’ tunnel by himself, the group discovered a group of 5 wolves chained in the eastern section of the Rampart.
They marched through the Ramparts to the eastern end and confronted the defenders – human guards, a wererat and two large Drakes. Kwi confronted the largest Drakes, unaffected by the acidic spit of the large creature. As the group battled their way into the room, Gravehounds joined the fray. Fortunately, not even their necrotic bites helped. Eventually the group prevailed.
Exploring the upper floor, the adventurers noticed another Wererat escaping across the Ramparts through a bolt-hole he had constructed.
Moving down the spiral staircase further down into the structure – the group was confronted by the wolves that Kwi had discovered. Luckily, the wolves were chained in a manner that allowed the entire group to descend further and avoid confrontation.
After descending to the bottom of the eastern Rampart Tower, they discovered a living area for some of the Wererats. Passing that area, they entered a dimly-lit storage room that was defended by more Wererats and a single Goblin Shaman. Exhausted and having used most of their spells, the group of adventurers eventually finished off the Wererats. However, the Shaman escaped, probably to cause more problems later on.
The group returned to the Monastery to rest and re-group. Tomorrow, they would be ready for more …


Mirtul 10-16, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Our intrepid group of adventurers decided that they would forgo the quick and easy trip to Draigdurroch and the imminent arrival of Diker Thane, for the time being, and make the long journey to the Sceptre Tower in Spellgard. Bidding a fond farewell to the city of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]], the group traveled to the city of Llorkh and met up with – and was hired by – a dwarven supply train bound for [[Spellgard | Spellgard]]. Along the journey they discovered many rumors regarding the fabled ruins – including the rumor that the Lady Saharel‘s ghost would one question from each adventurer – if and when she was found. Each PC was excited to learn of that possibility!
Camped at night during the trek, the caravan was attacked by goblin raiders with Kwi the only one on guard at that time of night. Suddenly, hordes of goblins advanced on the sleeping camp. Kwi sounded the alarm and held off the initial attack on the wagons, while the rest of the group struggled to awaken. The dwarves proved to have no abilities in fighting off the attack, so the PCs had to defend the entire camp by themselves. The goblins managed to only set fire to one wagon, which Jewel promptly managed to put out with a frost ray. After defeating the goblins, Varrin found a note implicating that the goblins were hired by Diker Thane to destroy the supply train to Spellgard – but that he didn’t trust the goblins to accomplish it. Having saved the entire wagon train, Thurr Gargengrim, the leader of the dwarves thanked the group and bought a large portion of the goblins armor and weapons – to belatedly learn to defend his train. The rest of the trip was uneventful.
The group arrived at the ruins of [[Spellgard | Spellgard]] and stayed at the Monastery of the Precipice overnight. By the fireplace that night, they learned of the other groups at the ruins – some to repair the walls and thereby get the Lady Saharel‘s attention. Others thought to investigate the ruins and carry off loot.
Kwi found and spoke to the local group of kobolds in their lair in the ruins and discovered that the Halflings nearby had made headway into the entrance to the Sceptre Tower through their repairs at the Ramparts. These Halflings were regarded with the utmost suspicion by the kobolds, calling them “fearsome warriors” and our group of adventurers were immediately suspicious. The group made their way to the Ramparts and were rebuffed at their attempts to discuss passage through the Halfling’s “territory”. So they decided to enter and try to talk, but were immediately attacked by the Halfling guards – who transformed into giant Wererats. One of the Wererats pulled a long rope during the attack, which probably alerted the other Halflings to the situation.
In the midst of all their discoveries – the small group lost and gained members of their band. Varrin, having seen a mysterious glowing portal from the top of the western tower, set off ahead of everyone to investigate it …
The portal activated itself when he drew near it and another character, Avarlin Tesh’ahur, a male Dragonborn, appeared in his place. Avarlin quickly integrated himself with the group – especially Kwi – who decided that he had a new hero to follow.
The PCs decided to rest there in the guard station, with Kwi making sure they were not surprised overnight. Tomorrow, they would go further into the Ramparts and possibly into the Sceptre Tower.

Bandit Camp

Mirtul 9, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One

Upon ridding the good town of Loudwater of its apparent criminal plague, the intrepid adventurers set about discovering everything they could about their new headquarters in the area. They discovered the hidden caverns underneath that led west until opening up about a half-mile outside the city walls. In the midst of their discoveries, however, they were approached by Diker Thane – communicating through a magical portal. The group managed to discover more about this mysterious person and his plans before they convinced him that the “Lady of Shadows” would be back in several hours.
They also found Zark and he offered to lead them to the Bandit Camp. Varrin and Haydenne had misgivings about Zark’s intentions and decided to approach the camp without his “help”.
The PCs discovered the Bandit Camp in the ruins of Zelboss, and after a furious battle, slew all of the Bandits – including a mysterious lizard creature leading the slavers. Several children were discovered jailed at the camp, and their tale confirmed that the “lady of the Shadows” and Zark were both involved.
After returning to Loudwater, the adventurers were praised for their deliverance of the children. Captain Harrowleaf even admitted that they had helped the town considerably and promised that Zark would be banned from Loudwater for the rest of his life.
Varrin was dispatched to the sacred grove to the north to seek help from the local druid for Lady Moonfire and her sister, but stumbled onto a large group of Black armored swordmages at a ruin site. They apparently took something from another figure who was in the ruins and chased this “adventurer / thief” off afterwards. Varrin finished his journey and found the druid lying unconscious on the ground in his sacred grove, with various herbs nearby. Waiting for the group, they bundled him off to Loudwater, where after several days he recovered and cured Lady Moonfire and her sister.
The various members of the group discussed the various options open to them – travel to Draigdurroch near the Scared Grove or head to the Sceptre Tower further east – in hopes of talking with a mysterious Lady Saharel.

"Lady of the Shadows"

Mirtul 7-8, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One
After returning to the town of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] to rest and recuperate after the initial encounters the PCs descended into the depths of the Barrow of the Ogre King. They confronted the High Shaman Sancossug, who was trying to raise the Ogre King. Noting the degree of difficulty in defeating the Shaman, Korban and Haydenne negotiated with the High Shaman, who, upon the return of the Horn Totem, was eager to return to the re-animation of the oni corpse and leave the city alone in return.
Upon their return to the city, the PCs were hailed as heroes by both the average citizen and Lady Moonfire alike. Even Curuvar had something good to say about them. However, Captain Harrowleaf remained unimpressed with their bravery.
The PCs were invited to a masked Ball given by Lady Moonfire. The characters were able to purchase and outfit themselves with costumes and masks. The night of the Ball, Varin and Kwi were able to impress the townsfolk enough with their dancing and acrobatics to learn more about the surrounding area and the adventures facing them.
While restocking themselves at the local General Store, our heroes discovered that the goblins weren’t the only ones causing grief in the town. A local crime syndicate, headed by a mysterious “Lady of the Shadows” was demanding protection money from every business in the community – including the local store owner, Calla Marran.
Following a member of the crime syndicate through the town, the PCs were able to discover the hideout of the “Lady of Shadows” and put an end to this plague on the good folk of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]]. Again, everyone (including Captain Harrowleaf this time) extolled the bravery of our intrepid group. The hideout was given to the band of PCs as their own in appreciation for everything that the group had done for the town.
Lady Moonfire and her sister were attacked that same day and a mysterious figure was seen leaving the town – flying away to a distant “earthmote” on some sort of winged beast. It was soon discovered that the two elves were poisoned and need treatment from a local druid who lived in the Dire Woods to the north. The party prepared to confront the Bandits outside [[Loudwater | Loudwater]], travel to the druid grove north of the city, and confront the mysterious Diker Thane – who they discovered was the mysterious figure seen flying away.

Barrow of the Ogre King

Varrin, Haydenne, Nightmare, Jewel, Kwi and Korban foiled the attempt of the theft of the Horn Totem at the hands of the goblins led by High Shaman Sancossug. Kwi set up a trap to help the citizens of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] defend their town wall.
However, Captain Harrowleaf, and Lady Moonfire are unconvinced that the PC are not accomplices of the criminal underworld. To prove their innocence, the leaders of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] require the characters to go to the Barrow of the Ogre King and defeat the goblins responsible for the attack on the town.
Our fearless heroes travel to the Barrow, but fall victim to the first of the goblin’s defenses. The cave-in at the entrance severely damages several of the party members – especially the dwarf, Nightmare. Jewel and Haydenne also suffer initially, but the PCs rout the remaining goblins in the first room and force their way further in.
Zombies and more goblins tried to keep the characters out of the Barrow. After a particularly nasty fight near the main stairway leading into the Barrow depths, the group decides that it was best if they retreated to [[Loudwater | Loudwater]] for the night. Kwi sets up a make-shift trap to ensure no others sneak back into the Barrow after they leave.


Mirtul 5-6, 1479 DR, The Year of the Ageless One
Entering the city of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]], the newly-formed group of adventurers settled down at the [[Green Tankard Tavern | Green Tankard Inn]] for the night.
Varrin (the Quickling rogue), Jewel (the human sorceress), Nightmare (the dwarf fighter), Kwi (the kobold thief), Korban (the human wizard) and Haydenne (the half moon-elf cleric) all sampled the local brew and talked with several interesting local townspeople.
They talked with the local wizard, Curuvar – who told them of a Barrow nearby populated by goblins up to no good. They also spoke with the leader of this small town, Lady Moonfire, who asked for their help with the local environs – specifically dealing with the goblins and local criminals who were bothering the town. Zark, a young dwarf whose father runs the local Curio Shop, offered the PCs a paying job. He asked them to provide armed escort for a shipment to his father’s shop.
The group agreed and met Zark the next morning outside the west gate of [[Loudwater | Loudwater]]. They escorted the shipment to the shop, where they waited for Zark as he enters the store.
The wall they waited near exploded suddenly as a group of goblins invaded the city. Several townspeople are killed as the goblins raced for the Curio Shop and grab a “Horn Token”, a mysterious dagger-like artifact, currently displayed in the window of the shop. Varrin used his ability to move quickly and his ventriloquism to rob the would-be thieves and disappeared before their very eyes. The others in the group quickly mowed through the band of goblins and discovered that these creatures were in fact sent by their High Shaman, Sancossug, to fetch the Horn Totem for a ritual they believed would raise their Ogre King – whoever that was.
In the fight, however, Tibor leaves were discovered in the shipment the group was meant to protect and immediately they are arrested under suspicion of illegal activity. Questioned by Lady Moonfire and Captain Harrowleaf, the leader of the local militia, Zark disavows any knowledge of the illegal activities the PCs are accused of and is released. The characters, however, are encouraged by their captors to prove their innocence in a trial by fire – the investigation of the Barrow of the Ogre King.


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