• Belios


    The druid from the High Forest to the north, attacked by someone fitting the description of Diker Thane.
  • Brother Allendi

    Brother Allendi

    Head of the order that resides in the Monastery of the Precipice. An old friend of Curuvar.
  • Calla Maran

    Calla Maran

    Owner of the general store in Loudwater. Refused to pay the extortion demands and collected donations of gratitude for the party after they broke the criminal ring.
  • Captain Harrowleaf

    Captain Harrowleaf

    An elf ranger - head of the Loudwater Patrol. Suspicious of just about everyone. Easy-going, he remains calm and confident even in the midst of a crisis.
  • Curuvar the Brazen

    Curuvar the Brazen

    This middle-aged man looks as though he might have stepped from the pages of an illustrated history of wizards. With a long black beard, a robe stitched with stars and moons, a staff set with a fossilized raven, and a pointed hat.
  • Devlin


    A loud and over-friendly adventurer who leads the Company Of The Free Crescent. Encountered underneath the Ramparts in Spellgard.
  • Diker Thane

    Diker Thane

    Apparently behind the extortion racket in Loudwater. Little definite information about him has been found, but he was contacted by the party while in Loudwater.
  • Garwan


    A white-bearded, wizened dwarf and sole-proprietor of Garwan's Curiosities. Uncle to Zark.
  • Lady Moonfire

    Lady Moonfire

    Mayor of Loudwater, socialite and enthusiastic would-be adventurer. A youthful, half-elven warlock who favors a black gown sewn with silver thread. Glittering rings decorate her delicate fingers, and a silver amulet hangs regally from her neck.
  • Lady of Shadows

    Lady of Shadows

    A mysterious and apparently magical being at the head of Loudwater’s criminal underworld. Apparently in the employ of Diker Thane, though both seem to answer to a higher power.
  • Lady Saharel

    Lady Saharel

    The mysterious ghost with prophetic powers who is said to haunt the ruins of the Sceptre Tower in Spellgard.
  • Marsh Laval

    Marsh Laval

    Hobbit male. Owner of the Green Tankard Inn.
  • Sancossug


    High Shaman of the Ogre King, sent his minions to attack Loudwater after Curuvar stole a sacred relic, and has since promised to leave Loudwater alone.
  • Thurr Gargengrim

    Thurr Gargengrim

    Dwarven merchant who trades with the Monastery of the Precipice, ferrying supplies in return for whiskey brewed by the monks. Hired the party to protect his latest caravan.
  • Zark


    He is a no-account dwarf miscreant who seeks to acquire gold with as little effort as possible. He cares little if his actions result in the injury of others.